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Frequently Asked Questions

I've requested to join the Facebook group, but haven't been added yet. What am I missing?

There is a three step process to join the group. After submitting the application here, you must request to join our Facebook group here, and submit the one-time $15 fee. The fee can be sent via Venmo to @LMUBabysitters or via PayPal to

Is there a screening process for your babysitters?

No, we don't have the credentials to vet babysitters ourselves. The vetting process is done between parents and students through conversation or meeting in person before the first babysitting session.

What should I include in my post?

More details are always better. An effective post will include all logistical details: babysitting dates and times, location, expectations and responsibilities (i.e. preparing meals, light cleaning, homework help, etc.). Other important details include information on your child/children, such as age(s), interests/hobbies, favorite snacks, and normal activities. If possible, it's helpful to include the hourly rate expected.

On average, the hourly rate is $15/hour, but can increase with responsibilities, number of children, or other factors.

What cities/areas do babysitters travel to?

While most babysitters live on or near campus (LMU, Westchester, Playa Vista), students are able to travel to surrounding areas. This includes Inglewood, Manhattan Beach, Culver City, Santa Monica, and other cities in the South Bay area. While not limited to these neighborhoods, these are the most common areas we see in our posts.

Other FAQs?

Email us at

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